NJ Builder #025024

Equestrian & Barns

We take the concept of a pole barn to the next level! With HYH Construction, you can get a top quality, wood framed construction for your barn, garage, shed or warehouse.

Agricultural Buildings, Warehouses, & Garages

Using the pole-building and post-frame construction method, we can undertake installation, conversion, and remodeling, as well as the repair of buildings, warehouses, and garages any time of the year, along with pre-fabricated or custom-built garages and storage sheds.

Log Homes & Remodels 

We have built a variety of different log homes. Click the link below to see some examples of our log homes and remodeling!


A variety of doors are available! Do you need easy slide or pull type doors? Do you require locking mechanisms for utmost security? Maybe you prefer for your doors provide an aesthetic purpose. Whatever your need, click to learn more!


Not only do dormers add style, but they also increase ventilation, light, and height to attics. Available in many sizes!

Cupolas & Weathervanes

We design and install pre-fabricated cupolas to serve a functional or decorative purpose for your barn or storage building. Share your personality by picking from our variety of shapes! Whatever your needs, we have master cupola craftsmen who can do the job.

Roofing & Siding

For roofing and siding options, click the link below.

Skylights & Sidelights

Would you prefer some natural light in your building? We have a variety of sidelights to allow light near the doorway, or skylights to allow light from the roof.